Experiences with Paypal - good or bad

I’ve used PayPal for 5 years now, before they were bought by eBay.
I’ve have never had any problems with PayPal, even with the
transition to the new ownership. I especially enjoy that by having a
PayPal debit card, I can earn 2% back on every purchase instantly as
long as I use the credit card function instead of the debit card
function. That means that I’m only paying about 1% for receiving
payments which is much less than what I’m paying to my credit card
processing company to accept credit card payments directly. I
especially like using PayPal for international orders. It is so
convenient, so much faster than credit cards (I get my money
instantly), and I worry less about credit card fraud on
international orders. I am amazed that people have horror stories
about PayPal. I serious have not had even a single issue for any
size payment in 5 years. I am always glad to accept a PayPal payment
instead of a credit card or check any day!

Good Luck,
Nancy Stinnett
Geosoul Arts

But the essential thing to know, and PayPal will tell you this, is
that any and all mail that comes from them will begin by addressing
you by name, as: Dear.... If it does not address you by your full
name, it's not PayPal, period. 

Actually I have recieved two spoof Paypal emails that have addressed
me by my full name, they were related to ebay transactions that had
nothing to do with me, they were something like “Your account has
been charged $$$ for this item -ebay item link- to dispute this
charge log in to your account here.” and then provided a link to log
on with. I think they hope you will panick and try to log in. I’m so
suspicious of fake emails I will never use any link provided in one
for anything financial, better to go to the website and log in.

On the plus side I have never had any trouble with paypal and use it
to send and accept payments numbering in the hundreds.


I received an email of a purchase from PayPal today, and at first
freaked, but then realized it was made to invoke just that kind of
response and when click on the link to dispute this, it leads you to
a false paypal webpage asking for all kinds of info, including your
credit card number. For some reason, i was just lucky enough to think
and not just do today. So be on the look out.

It looks just like a legitimate paypal email for account
transaction. The shipping address is not mine, this one is to

<snip - name and address removed>

I assume a fake address.

The amount was for $239.95 and for the purchase of a NEW MOTOROLA V3
LWPELECTRONICS. When I googled it, I found several pages reporting
this as a paypal fraud.

I also went to pay pal, changed my password, and checked my account
activity, there has been nothing recently or anything for this at
all. I also forward it to SPOOFPAYPAL.COM so they can investigate it
as well.

Whatch yourself, and dont let anger and emotions get the best of
your paypal account! I know it would be easy to do especially on a
hectic day at work or home, but maybe by approaching all transactions
with suspicion unless you are sure of them, you could save yourself a
lot of problems down the road.


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This is an old thread, but the PayPal scenario that Matthias
describes is exactly what happened to me, with one exception: I had
already withdrawn my money from PayPal, and PayPal did not touch my
bank account. Instead, they whined for months about the money I
supposedly “owed” them (they’re still waiting for it). They locked my
account, of course, and even locked my wife’s account, and her money,
because their investigators “determined” that my wife’s account was
“associated” with my account because we live at the same address !
Her account and transactions had nothing to do with mine, yet PayPal
took (stole) her money. That was it for me. I got a real merchant
account, one that is regulated. I can’t believe that PayPal
continues to get away with fraud and theft like this. Of course,
eBay, the owners of PayPal now, couldn’t care less.

If you use PayPal, beware the jabberwock !

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