Experiences with Indian Institute of Jewellery?

Has anyone heard of/know anything about/had experiences with the
Indian Institute of Jewellery in Mumbai?


Indian Institute of Jewellery (indianinstituteofjewellery.com)
beautiful facility, great prices, Indian rupees, many native artists
as well as jewelry art and design programs. 9000 Sq feet, marble
floors, artistic ally colorful and amazing students and staff.

Award winning jewelers are coming from IIJ with strong skill and
design potential.

They also offer a string of workshops on native crafts, i.e. Lac

Do I sound prejudice, California Institute of Jewelry Training
participated in the development and technical consultancy of IIJ in
April 2004. IIJ is now 2 years old, having two commencements. The
jewelry arts classes usually run over 8 months and added workshops
make it a one year program.

I definitely encourage you all to take a look at this website and
consider going to India for a few classes. The fees really are very
low in comparison to U.S. and it is a great adventure. Mention my
name, they will give you special treatment, Just kidding ! ! ! !
No, I am not…

Regards, Dee

Dee Rouse Huth
Executive Director
California Institute of Jewelry Training
Tel: 1-916-487-1122, 800-731-1122