Experience working at a Fast-Fix?

Does anyone have experience working at a Fast-Fix? Do they have

I ask as I am possibly moving to Florida and will be needing
employment upon arrival.


Does anyone have experience working at a Fast-Fix? Do they have

The one located in a kiosk at a local mall does not have a laser. Or
at least, they didn’t a couple years ago when, happening by, I got
into a conversation with the fellow working there (must have been
slow at the time), and asked if he did laser welding, or whether, if
not, he might be interested in having me do some for him now and then
when needed. He said the small kiosk was already jam packed, with no
extra room for a laser welder, even though he’d have loved to have
one. He also suspected the owners of the kiosk wouldn’t want to spend
the money… I don’t know if they are all this way, or whether that’s
just this one location. And since then, the smaller bench top lasers
have also become rather more affordable than they were then…


Hi Pete, yes fast fix generally has lasers and the pace is fast, you
can make good money if you are involved in the sales counter as well
because they supply bonuses on batteries and all that stuff. Every
owner is different, so you have to decide if you like the vibes and
then decide.


I managed a Fast-Fix for 2 yrs in Pensacola FL…no Laser. I visited
several others that didn’t have them. There is not much room in the
kiosk for a Laser.

Peace, Kristina

They are a nation wide chain of franchises. Some have lasers, some
don’t. I don’t know how much on the job training they would give,
never know until you ask. If they did, you’d for sure get a speedy
training course, they do a lot of repair.

David Geller