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Experience with wax-masters in London?

I have several designs I would like taken from my 2-dimensional
drawings to CAD files, for wax models, then casting. To that end,
I’ve been searching online to find an experienced CAD person, or
company, that has reasonable charges, and who can turn out quality
CAD files I can take to my local manufacturer for models and

I contacted a couple of CAD designers, who advertised doing
"free-lance" but these folks seem to be mostly about trying to find
out how much they can charge for this work, instead of just setting
out what their fees are. Not a good scenario.

So, after several frustrating contacts with the "free-lancers=9D, I
decided to look for a “company” and found Wax-Masters, but they are
in London, and I’m in the USA. But, maybe they’ll be a good company
to work with. I don’t know. So, does anyone here on Orchid have
experience or knowledge of this company? Or perhaps another

I am a CAD designer in California and looking for work. I can also
print and cast and am a working trade jeweler.

If you have interest please PM me at [fbroz AT]

Franz Broz

Hi Hobbs,

I mostly carve my waxes by hand. But recently I was contacted by a
CAD design firm that will make the file, print the wax and then do
the castings for small batches. They did a great job on the CAD file
which I then took to Shapeways to get the 3D print because I wanted
to use my own caster for the metal castings. The name of the company
is Matter - Ask for Dylan and use my name as referral is needed. They
are a new company and still working out some kinks but are very
interested in helping artists make their way.

Good luck, Taf Schaefer

Hobbs of course I am prejudiced but we at the jewelry cad institute
do freelance. 45 per hour. Let me know what you have and see if we
can help.

We are in Vegas.


I have good experiences with Zero Porosity’s CAD, models, and

Donna W
Huntsville, AL

Wax Masters, London

sorry for a very late reply to this. I know Rupert Todd & Ben Ryan
well and can attest to their excellent work. I’m currently using them
for a commission, A5 size silver sheet milled in 3D and will
thoroughly recommend them.

They’ve done CAD work and wax printing for some of the UK’s top
silversmihts & jewellers.

For what it’s worth, their work has won prizes from the Goldsmiths’
Craft & Design Awards (like the jewellery Oscars in the UK) and has
been exhibited at the prestigious Goldsmiths’ Hall and the V&A. And
both of them are under 30, so you’ll hear lot more from them in

best wishes from sunny Bristol UK

0117 966 0107