Experience with United Metal Refining

I was thinking of using United Metal Refining for my next batch of
scrap silver as with a little research they appear to give the best
return and pay for shipping as well. Has anyone tried them? Were they
timely in refining? Any other issues with them?

thanks Dave Owen

It has been awhile since I used this company and I highly recommend
them. I sent a whole lot of different junk, they called me and asked
if I want metal or money. I said metal and that is what I got. When
I accrue enough to send to be refined this is the company I will use.


Very good company. I toured their plant some years ago. Amazingly
clean when you consider what they actually have to do. Their
metallurgical lab is top notch and very helpful if you have casting
or other metal related questions or need an assay or testing. I
highly recommend their casting alloys S88 for de-ox silver, 915 for
white gold and 450 for 14K yellow.

They pay well and give a good exchange if you take metal for
settlement. Turn around time seems a little slow, but for sweeps and
contaminated scrap they have to process first. Clean scrap might be
quicker, but it has been a long time since I sent any. I have tried
some of the quick turn around refiners for clean scrap. They pay for
gold only. United will include silver in the settlement even if it
is only a few cents.

Stephen Walker

I have been using United PMR for the last 25 years. I have NEVER had
a problem with them. They have a secret weapon…his name is "Doc"
and he is their metallurgist. A super wealth of and has
always been willing to help with any problems dealing with metals
that I have had. Just another happy customer…Teddy

Hi Dave;

I was thinking of using United Metal Refining for my next batch of
scrap silver.... Has anyone tried them? 

I can highly recommend United, they’re an excellent resource both
for refining and for products. Great people, been doing business with
them for over a decade.

David L. Huffman

I am happy with United Metal. I sent a box of sweeps to them last
year and was able to purchase some 18K sheet and gold solder with the
credit. They were expedient and pleasant.

Gwen Bernecker