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Experience with Spirflame Karat 250 torch

I am in the market for a torch system and was wondering if anyone is
familiar with the Spirflame Karat 250 Water (oxy/hydrogen) torch.
Since it is 2 to 4 times the price of other water torches, I would
like to know if the extra cost is worth it.

I have been looking at some of the cheaper systems like the Hydroflux
Welder, SRA’s H2O Welder and Bryzel’s Micro-Flame, but am concerned
they might not have enough BTU’s (heat) for all of my work. I work
primarily in sterling, medium to large jewelry pieces, up to 3" by 3"
in size and up to 18ga. thick.

I would appreciate your thoughts on any additional features of this
machine that would justify the additional cost compared to the other
water torches out there. I have searched the archives and cannot
find any on this specific question. Thanks for any help
you can give me on this!

Lynn Ballinger


I too am thinking about a Spirflame (and am still unsure) and can’t
help you there, however, I did try a Hydroflux and one other I can’t
remember the name. I tested both units for several weeks and was NOT
happy for sterling in the sizes you are working with.

Daniel Culver

Dear Lynn:

Thank you for your questions regarding our Spirflame[tm] on the
Orchid Digest. We have a number of happy customers within the jewelry
and related industry. Many are working with heavier and larger pieces
than you have mentioned. If you would like, I can provide a number of
customers, perhaps in your area, you could talk to directly without
our influence. We also believe it is important potential customers
have an opportunity to work with our unit, actually try it before we
sold it to them. A demo. (at your location) of our Spirflame[tm]
without obligation is also possible. Our Spirflames[tm] are in some
of the finest shops in the world, but they are also installed in lot
of homes, basements, garages, and closets too. I would also be happy
to send you our complete and detailed on the
Spirflame[tm]. Just drop me an E-mail with your full mailing address
(no PO Boxes Please we send via UPS) and I will send you a complete
packet. Basically, due to a series of fully patented technologies
(world wide), Spirflames[tm] can easily generate much more gas
(multiples) than all other contained cell, single cell water torches.
A side benefit is it is also easier to produce and control much
smaller more accurate flames and much larger flames. There are also
other important additional features and safety benefits. Please feel
free to contact me directly by E-mail or telephone as listed below.

Best Regards,
Gary W. Miller Sr. Technical Advisor
Spirig Advanced Technologies, Inc.
Telephone: 800 499 9933/203 378 5216 Fax: 203 386 134

Lynn & Daniel,

I use a Spirflame Karat 250 and I am very pleased with it. I did a
lot of research before I purchased this torch and would be more than
happy to share my thoughts with you if you feel it would be helpful.
Feel free to email me directly.

Gina Abrevaya Dyer

Can, or will you briefly compare the spiritflame to the hydroflux
welderi I am curious as to the differences you found between them.