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Experience with silver casters

Hello all;

The caster that we used for our production gold and silver pieces,
Sierra Pacific Casting, recently shut down their casting operation
to concentrate on their contract CAD work and mold making. We have
found a new gold caster in upstate New York that we like, but we are
shopping for a responsive U.S. firm that does small run quality
production work in sterling silver. Small runs for us currently
would be several to a dozen rings at a time to several dozen in a
number of earring/pendant/charm designs. We were also getting a
certain amount of pre-finishing from SPC on the silver castings if
sufficient volume was ordered to make it worth their while. We are
aware of Messila Valley Casting in New Mexico, Casting House in
Chicago and Racecar Jewelry from their websites only at this point,
not having had any work done by any of these folks. Any other
possibilities I am not aware of? Any experience with these companies?
Physical proximity isn’t an issue. Thanks in advance for

I suppose it goes without saying that if discretion is important you
can email directly.

Sincerely, Greg Brooks
Ostling & Brooks, Ltd.
Leavenworth, WA

Dan Grandi has done several orders for me. Work is on time and high

[sales at racecarjewelry dot com]

Good luck, Mary

I have used Racecar and they were great. Responsible, timely and
cost effective, highly recommend them.

Love & Light-Cynthia

I recommend Frey Finishing in New Mexico. Good quality castings,
good prices, and very nice to work with. Email Rachel Frey at
charmworks at gmail dot com


I can also vouch for Dan Grandi at Racecar Jewelry - the castings are
excellent and he’s a good guy. I used their services for 4 or 5 years
and for the quantities you are describing he would be perfect.

Drew Horn
Studio Fiodh

Ingot USA in Richmond California do superb work and have top notch

Kerry Drew

Hello Greg,

Racecar Jewelry is my choice. Dan Grandi knows casting and has done
excellent work for me in no-ox sterling.

Judy in Kansas, where the walleye are biting. Nice ones too! >22 inches.
Good eating this winter.

I have used Robert Snell Casting in Grass Valley CA for well over
twenty years and have never looked for another caster. They work
very hard to make a fine product and stay within your budget. No
better company out there for bronze, silver, or gold. No, I am not
affiliated just a very satisfied customer.

Sam Brown
San Jose, CA