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Experience with Satellite Kiln

Hi everyone: I am very new to this forum. Somehow I stumbled across
this just as I am making a move internationally. I have jewellery in
stores across Canada and my manager says it is time to move
internation. I read a small comment about the satellite kiln and
problems with it. I am just at the point that i need a new kiln and
I was looking at a large satellite kiln. If anyone has comments
about this type of kiln or suggestions I would really appreciate it.

Thanks Leslie

I don’t know what kind of problems with the Satellite kiln you have
heard about, but I have a medium size Satellite kiln that I use for
wax burnout when casting. The interior dimensions are 9"X9"X9". I
have had it for over 30 years, use it regularly, not only for
casting, but also for enameling when I don’t want to heat up my large
Vicella kiln. I have never had any problems with it. My burnouts have
all been successful.

Mine is the inexpensive manual type --not the expensive programmable
one, so I do have to attend it as I step up the temperature when
doing burnout. If I was considering getting a new one I would
probably prefer the programmable one, but as my current one is
working so well, there is no need for me to change.