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Experience with Rio's bronze wire

Hi, all -

I just got the Rio catalog showing the bronze wire. Has anyone used
it? How did you use it, and what did you like or not like about it?

I’m thinking of chain mail designs…


Hi Kelley…you could get a hundred opinions, and none will do you
any real good…it’s less than $20lb, get a pound of 18awg is a
great wire for beginners and experimenting. Has the advantage of
easy aspect ratio figuring, being 1mm dia…Byzantine 3.45 ID,
Jens Pind Linkage 3mm ID, Turkish Round 3.5mm ID, Half Persian
4.85mm ID…

This is the same material as what other suppliers call rich-low, red
or jewelers brass, 85/15 copper alloy, nice, soft wire, very
forgiving, more of a gold tone than a yellow tone as with 260 brass.
Work with it, it very nice, mix it up with copper, German silver and
even mixed sterling pieces.

Charlie Wyckoff