Experience with Platina casting house

hello All

wondring if anyone has done any work with Platina casting house of
NYC. they sound great,price wize and quality wize, but since I
haven’t done any work with them couldn’t tell about the quality.so
if any one has had some experience or know them please let me know
how it worked out for you and what you think of them.

Hratch Babikian


I have used Platina with good results. Another casting house to
consider in NYC is Quality Casting. I have used them for both
platinum and palladium, also with good results.

Joel Schwalb

I’ve used Platina for about 10 years and really appreciate the
quality and service that they provide. Once in a while there is an
accounting snag so check your statements against your copies of
invoices, credits etc.

Catherine Iskiw