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Experience with Otto Frei's EZ torch

Hi friends,

Has anyone used the new EZ Torch from Otto Frei? It looks

Says it’ll go to 2400 degrees. I don’t know if it’ll have enough
gusto for what I need.

I’m looking at it for basic silver bezel soldering onto silver
backplates. (easy huh?)

The pieces will average 1" square. Any opinions??? Any experience
with it??

I’d like to stay with a smallish torch for this class I’m teaching.

I bought two basic “Worthington” torches (what happened to

I got nasty flashbacks on both. I have a trusty Bernz. with a Weller
tip that I love.

It’s over 25 years old. I’ve done zillions of pieces with it and
can’t find it again anywhere.

(The Weller tip is #HT511 if anyone knows where to find it).

If anyone has any input on a basic one fuel torch…I’m all ears. Not
up for butane though.

Thanks as always!

I tried the EZ torch and was not satisfied with it. The handle got
very hot when I was using it. That was 3 years ago. Perhaps. since
then they have improved the model. Sure hope so.


Hi Karen,

I’ve got one of the EZ torches. I bought it more-or-less on a lark,
but it works pretty well. I have several other torches I like
better, so I don’t use it all that much, but it’s pretty good for a
’simple, one tank torch’. I’ve recommended it to students on a budget
with no reservations.

Harold O’Connor swears by his, which is why I bought one when he
came through for a workshop.

The big tip is pretty reasonable for annealing and soldering parts
up to about a 2x3" piece of copper. Would probably anneal up into the
small vessel range.

The little one is decent for medium small sorts of soldering. It’s a
pretty bushy flame, not nearly as focused as a presto-light, or
mini- torch, so you’ll hit a larger area with the heat, but it’s not
nearly as hot as either of those, so it works out about even.

I wouldn’t try to use it for retipping or anything where pinpoint
precision is required. I’ve seen Harold solder pinbacks with his, so
it is possible with practice.

The only drawback to the one I have is the little collar that screws
in and out to adjust the amount of air is very loose. If you set the
flame with the torch level, it’s likely to slide forward slightly as
you tip down to solder, changing your mix, if you don’t keep a
finger on it to keep it in place. That may just be mine, and not a
function of all of them. It’s fixable with a little work, if it
bugged me enough.


I use the one for the small propane tank for all my silver work, from
annealing 18 g bracelets 1 1/2 inches wide to making bezels with 20 g
backing. It has plenty of gusto for those needs. No flashback
problems. I travel with it between Michigan and Florida, leaving
tanks in each place. Easy peasy.

Stacy, waiting for Spring to come to icy Michigan

Hi friends,

Has anyone used the new EZ Torch from Otto Frei? It looks

Yes. It works fine. Just use it.


Has anyone used the new EZ Torch from Otto Frei? 

Hi Karen. It’s not new at all, but I like mine a lot. I use it with
camping size propane canisters. It delivers enough heat so I don’t
have to drag in the big tanks for lots of smaller jobs. I understand
that the great Harold O’Connor uses one for reticulation.


I would not recommend the EZ Torch. I ordered one for use with the
small cylinder propane. When I hooked it up I immediately smelled the
propane, even though the torch was shut off. I took it to my class
instructor and he tried it…flames shot up his arm as soon as he
hit the igniter. I returned that one and asked for another, believing
it to be defective. The replacement had a similar problem so I
returned it as well. Paid shipping both ways…twice…a total of
about $40. Never heard a word from Otto Frei as to whether the torch
was defective or did I do something wrong (although what, I can’t

Hope you get some good answers as I am still looking for a good home
torch as well.


I have used the EZ Torch for 10 years. I haven’t had any issues with
it except for a couple of strange problems with 4 of the small
camping gas bottles which would leave a sticky, granular deposit in
the vents and clog the tip. I had to clean the tips frequently but
the problem soon disappeared after changing enough tanks.

Donna in VA