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Experience with Minnesota Horse Expo

Greetings to the group-

Is there anyone in this group that has exhibited at the Minnesota
Horse Expo? I am considering being a vwendor with my sterling
jewelry. Since it is not cheap to have a booth I am hoping to get
some feedback as to the success of jewelry at this Expo. I am new to
the “traveling show” scene and would like some tips from others who
have experience.

Thanks so much
Jean Menden
Western Minnesota

Jean - I haven’t exhibited at this show, but have had several of my
customers who have over the years. It’s a spotty show - some years
they did great, others they did badly. It was too hard to predict, so
none of them are doing the show any more. I think that with the right
product mix you would do well, but the majority of the sales dollars
will go to vendors dealing with paraphranalia more specific to the
horses and riders. If you have a chance and if your hours intersect,
drop down Snelling about 1/2 mile and visit my shop - I’d love to
meet you :=)

BBR - Sandi Graves
Stormcloud Trading Co (Beadstorm)
Saint Paul, Minnesota