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Experience with knew concept POWER saw

I think that some members have mis-read this question the OP is
asking about the Electric Saw - or Power Saw from Knew Concepts.This

A couple years ago I was privileged to take a course on the Bonny
Doon with Dave & Phil and one of the tools they had available in the
classroom was an KC Power Saw! WOW! I have never seen or used
something that was so simple to use correctly! It is a lot like
operating a sewing machine.One of the students had zero experience
with a jewelers saw and was having real trouble “getting” it and was
noticeably frustrated - she tried the power saw and could have sat
and cut plex blanks and forms all day she had so much fun! fact
her photo is still on Lee’s KC website - the utter glee when she was
able to cut the form was delightful!

Robyn Hawk