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Experience with jeweler's resource


Hello all,

I am wondering if anyone on this site has read this book. I was able
to read an excerpt on Amazon and there are excellent reviews for it.
However, I already own and operate 2 successful non-jewelry
businesses. I am wondering if this book will be helpful for me in my
new jewelry venture or if it is simply a book on how to run a
business. Same question with a “Jeweler’s Resource” subscription. Any
info would be appreciated. Regards,

Gena Wagner



Are you referring to Jeweler’s Resource by Bruce G. Kunth? If so, I
have this book. It’s useful if you need what it offers. It’s filled
with charts and reference materials. Lots on gem hardness, heating,
birthstones, refraction, etc. The metals chapter has alloying
recipes, temperatures, etc. There is a nice section on patina
formulas. A chapter on measurements and equivalency tables. And
finally a large Glossary with jewelry terminology.

Almost everything in this book is also included in most other
comprehensive jewelry making books. It’s easy to grab this book for
a quick reference, because the tables and charts aren’t mixed into
the text. Do I use the book? Yes, but not consistently. Would I buy
it again? Maybe not. It falls into that category of useful, but not

Hope this helps,


Hi, some how my subject line disappeared in my last post. I am
interested to know about “Profiting by Design” from Marlene Richey
and also the subscription website “Jeweler’s Resource”. As mentioned,
I already own/operate businesses unrelated to the jewelry industry. I
am wondering if this book and website are mainly for artists who need
help on the business side of things - accounting, inventory control,
marketing, etc. - if so, I already have that knowledge and can save
some $$. I am beginning to take my decade-long jewelry “hobby” to the
next level by creating an income from it. Just wondering if this book
would be helpful or just more of what I may already know.

Thanks again,
Gena Wagner