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Experience with Good's planishing hammer

Anybody tried Michael Good’s new planishing hammer from Fretz Tools?

I saw the most unique hammer delivered to Metalwerx from AllCraft
recently. The face looks like a planishing hammer, but the neck of
the hammerhead is thinned out. I was so intrigued that I called up
Bill Fretz to ask what’s up with the odd shape. He was excited to
tell me that you can actually see the form you’re hammering more
easily. He also told me that Michael Good designed it to reach
inside shapes with a lot of curve, and that it works well for closing
spiculums. I hate closing forms! Bill will be demoing them at our
Vendor Day (October 23, Watertown, MA) and I’m considering
purchasing one. Has anyone tried the hammer yet? I’m eager to learn
more before I buy.

Lindsay Minihan

YES! Took a workshop with Michael and got several of his hammers and
they are GREAT!!! Highly recommend them! There is supposed to be
another one coming out soon in a mid-range size. have my money saved
up for it!

His stakes and stake holder are very handy also.

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio