Experience with Giving Tree shop, MA

Good afternoon, Orchidians,

Has anyone had any experience with the jewelry store “Giving Tree” in
E. Sandwich, MA on Cape Cod?

This May I visited the store and talked with one of the owners. The
jewelry is nicely presented in locked glass cases. There is a lovely
metal sculpture garden behind the shop with park benches.

The owner expressed interest in my work and offered to give me a
trial. I have called and emailed five times since my visit with one
of the owners and have not been able to re-connect. July is their
busiest month but the owners are traveling or out of town.

Has anyone in the orchid family had experience with Giving Tree and
can give a recommendation? I think this would be a good place for my
jewelry. Thanks for any help.

Mary A
Chief Design Officer

Has anyone in the orchid family had experience with Giving Tree 

they have many jewelry people in there, why not ask them, some
pretty big names in the fashion jewelry field, alexis bittar, me
and ro, take a look http://www.givingtreejewelry.com

I’ve tried sending them about my line as well, and have
received no response. I guess all you can do is send them some
pictures and then they’ll contact you if they are interested. I
don’t even know what shows they shop, probably JA & JCK, but not

As far as contacting some of the big names to see if they’ll give
you any info, good luck. I can’t see anyone at me & ro answering
questions about how to compete with them over the phone. Perhaps if
you met someone in person at a trade show they might give you some
insight but I’m no where close to me & ro “bigness” in fact, I’m
tiny compared to them, and if some complete stranger called me out
of the blue asking about my accounts I’d be taken aback.

just my opinion…