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Experience with ditto clear

Has anyone ever used this stuff?
How did it work for you?

Ditto Clear Mold-Making System

Create molds from organic materials, wax models or metal models.
This kit is customized for Ditto Clear compound and features the
tools and equipment you need to make quality Ditto RTV molds.

Cured Ditto Clear is stiffer than vulcanized natural or silicone
rubber. Don’t make the mold any thicker than it needs to be.

Vacuum the mold only as long as the directions specify. You just
want to remove mixed-in or trapped air. If you keep the vacuum on as
long as you keep seeing new bubbles form you will be there forever. I
think Ditto ‘boils’, in the sense that bubbles will continue to form
deep in the mold as long as you vacuum, but once you turn the vacuum
off those bubbles shrink and disappear. If it bothers you to turn the
vacuum off while there is a large bubble clinging to the model, wait
until the bubble rises off the model and then turn the vacuum off.

Neil A.