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Experience with Designer Jewelry Showcase

Is it possible that the catalog was not “thrown away like that”??
Gosh, I’ve left more than a few thing behind on a airplane just
because of oversight or being rushed. What is the chance that the
same occurred in this case? Boy, I’d hate punitive action being taken
against me for that kind of unintended, senior moment, that’s for
sure. Will be watching my step. :wink:

J Collier
Small Scale Metalsmith

Thanks everyone for your thoughtful replies.

I have been toying with the idea of advertising for a few years and
have done some research by checking with jewelers that I’m familiar
with to see how they are doing. Most have shared similar stories of

few inquiries and even fewer orders.

I too, experienced high pressure tactics last year from a
salesperson. I was on the fence last year and after I got off the
phone with the rep I had made up my mind based not on the value of
DJS but based on the way the rep spoke to me. I am very sensitive to
high pressure sales tactics, probably more so than most and when I
encounter them my first response is to shut them down.

I take offense to a salesperson or representative stating that
Peggy’s pictures were not good enough for the reason that she’s not
making any sales. I’ve never seen Peggy’s pictures, but if the staff
originally states her pages “look great” and then uses that as a
scapegoat for her not making sales there’s something amiss.

There’s so much advertising that can be done these days by artists
and we only have a limited amount of advertising dollars in our
budgets. I need to be pretty sure that there will be a return from
any advertising that I do. I have been advertising in show guides and
doing mailers which has paid off tremendously. I’m not making sales
directly from my ads, instead they are driving traffic to my booth
which is resulting in orders.

DJS is a leap for me (no show at the end of the rainbow) and I just
don’t want to give my $$$ to an advertiser that uses high pressure
tactics to obtain clients and then blames lack of performance on
pictures that were previously praised. This form of advertising seems
like too much of a gamble to me at this point in my career. My budget
is way too tight for that kind of a risk.

Thanks all for taking the time to respond, Amery

Amery Carriere Designs
Romantic Jewelry with an Edge

After looking at the Designer Jewelry Showcase for several years, I
purchased a double page ad for the 2007 book. I had the photography
done professionally - Ralph Gabriner - and had a professional graphic
artist do the layout. I opted for a fabulous layout, rather than
postcard sizing.

In all, this ad cost in excess of $3500.

Here are the results - one call inquiring if I was doing purple
gold, with a rude laugh. And a request for a catalog from a dress

This edition has been out since March. In the event that I actually
get real leads from the book, I would do it again. But to want money
90 days after the book finally comes out and with no leads, I’m not
putting more money in that pot.

If you go and look at the “qualification” form to get the book, all
it does is add names to their mailing. They want your wholesale
accounts list for mailing the book, and exposing your clients to
everybody elses work.

The Showcase got me to mid-page in a Google search, but my own
website comes up first when searching for jewelry by my name,
followed by several Orchid references, and then the expensive
showcase link. When you click on their link, you get a bland page,
with the advertising image, and a link to my website.

I’ve had the lesson, it will take some fabulous results to do it

I’ve delayed putting in my two cents because I feel like a fool for
spending all that money and getting zip for return.

Judy Hoch

I thank you for your courage to share your story. Lots of us have
the “embarrising” ones to share. You may save someone a lot of