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Experience with Contenti Rolling Mill?


I absolutely CANNOT afford an expensive rolling mill. My budget is
only $100 per month and I’ve already waited a year to window shop for

  1. I’ll try the pasta mill if I get desperate enough, thanks for the
    suggestion unless you were being sarcastic.

  2. I married too late in life to have any hope of living to see my
    grandchildren. Buying a rolling mill to pass down to granchildren is
    ludicrous reasoning!

  3. 2.5 is a lot bettern than nothing.

  4. I don’t want plate. I want bezel and wire.

5, 6: Would you rather I swage instead for my texturing?

So which is better in your opinion if I can’t buy a GOOD mill?
Crappy mill, or no mill at all?

If you really feel that strongly about having me obtain a top quality
Durston mill, why don’t you pass one down to me rather than to your

Andrew Jonathan Fine