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Experience with Colorado metalsmithing Conference

I received the message below from the Colorado Metalsmithing
Association, about their annual conference, “Cutting Edge” in Salida,
CO. I’m going to be in Denver the week before for Cherry Creek and
thought I might attend, but multiple emails have gone unanswered.
Does anybody have any idea why? Any experience with this event?

Thanks, Noel

Noel, there are numbers of us here in Colorado belong to
CoMA…Colorado Metalsmiths Assn. The dues are $40 a year Jan 1 to
Dec 31. I guess you could belong to the association for that and
come on over. I will see if I still have the info saved and forward
it to you. Then you might have the person’s name for direct contact.
I will be going July 10, 11, and 12 and will attend the Class on
Photo-etching the 13, 14, and 15 at Arapahoe Community College by
Carol Webb.

The contact with my e-mail is See if this
works. Rose Marie Christison

You forgot to include the cost to attend the conference in Salida.


I have been to all but one of these annual conferences, and I cannot
say enough good things about them. First, the quality of the
presentations is always very high. The conference is held in a small
theater type auditorium in an historic building in Salida - a great
small town, well know for it’s art studios and galleries. The
conference is very intimate and the camaraderie is high. I highly
recommend it! I will be doing the AV. The demonstrations are
projected on a large screen beside the presenter so you can see the
detail easily.


Cutting Edge
Coma Conference in Salida, CO
July 11,12 & 13, 2008

The 2008 conference presenters are Carol Webb, Michael Boyd,
Tom Herman, Jim Kelso, and David Huang. There will be pre- and
post-workshops in Denver and Salida. See web link below for details.
Conference activities include an all-members meeting, yearly
elections, tool & pin swap and the silent auction.Current Member:
$175, Non-Member: $225, Student Member: $135, Student Non-Member:
$180 Price goes up $25 on June 20th


Hope to see some of my fellow Orchid members there.