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Experience with Blaine videos

In the Orchid archives from January 2009, I have find a note from
Alma Rands regarding the Blaine stone setting dvd, I could not find
more on this in the archives.

If Alma reads this, or some one else who has bought this dvd could
you share your experience with me?

The Cogswell book, in spite of the bad reviews in this forum, is for
an beginner like me, an excellent start point

kind regards
peter brasser


The Blaine Lewis tapes and DVD’s are excellent. There are close up
shots of each step, and detailed explanations. There are two sets,
one on flush stone setting and the other on setting princess cut
diamonds. However, even though these are excellent, if you can get
someone to teach you, you will progress much much faster. I am very
lucky that a class is being offered here in Portland, Or. by an
outstanding teacher, Bruce McKay, who has an impressive background in
stone setting. Currently we are working on bright setting of tiny
little stones (lab created rubies).

If you are not able to take a class, or get a teacher, the DVD’s
will really be of enormous help, but of course you will progress
somewhat slower.

Hope this is helpful,

I purchased two of Mr Lewis’ DVD’s. one on Bezel and Flush Setting,
and another on setting Princess Cuts.

I found both videos very very helpful, and full of good tips.

Even after many years of setting experience I found them worthwhile,
and when I recently loaned my copies to a young lady just starting
to learn the trade, and she also found them very instructive.

I hope this helps.