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Experience with American School of Jewelry

Hello Orchid community,

I’m new to this forum and also the jewelry world. I am looking for
some trade schools to teach me the bench jeweler basics. I am
curretnly in San Diego and could easily attend GIA Graduate Jeweler
program but after a campus visti I just wasn’t super impressed with
the student services staff and found that the program might not be
as coprehensive as others. Plus for close to 17k I think there are
some cheaper schools I might be able to get the same if not more
comprehensive education. Does anyone have any experience with the
American School of Jewelry in Sunrise, FL? If I moved back home to
Florida this would be 5 min from my house. I have only found this
program mentioned in passing a couple times here but not much info
was given.

For reference, I have also considered Revere (would love to go but
housing and tuition is costly too), CIJT, Miami Jewelery School, and
Jewelry Design Institute in St. Augustine. Basically any program in
FL or CA.

Thanks in adavnce and sorry for the long post!

Jenny, The American School of Jewelry in Sunrise is a very good
school. They have a wide curriculum to ready students for the jewelry
trade. The only problem you might find is the cost. They, as most
schools, are not cheap. Take alook at their website for further
informtion go to

You might also check out the Boca Raton Museum Art School. We have a
small but active group there as well and the cost is much more
attractive. I have been an instructor there for many years. We have
several courses in basic fabrication, cabochon cutting, some
faceting, enameling, beading, and Art Clay. I assure you…you will
get a good foundation there.

Go to and click on the art school.

Cheers from Don in SOFL

Thanks for the Don. I will check out the Boca Raton
Muesum for classes too. I understand that most costs of the trade
schools programs will be on the same scale. I expect to spend more
for the training, but a big factor for me is housing and living
costs for the time spent in the program since I will have to quit my
job in this economy… Thanks so much for the and I’ll
make sure to check out classes at the musuem too.


I am a graduated from American School of Jewelry.

I went to another school for a short period of time before attending
this school.

I have only good things to say regarding the six months that I spent
at American School of Jewelry.

My instructor Eddie Zargon really knew what he was doing, he is the
first Florida Master Jeweler. He is the most patient teacher in the

He taught me techniqes that I am sharing now with my coleagues at
work. After I graduated I looked for a job and was dissapointed that
I was asked for experience, but when my present boss tested what I
could do, he hired me and could not belived that I had learned all I
knew so fast.

I highly recommend this school.

You get what you pay for! I am looking to go back and take a few
more classes.

I hope this helps,
Good Luck,