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Experience w/ IJO show?

Hello All, My rep is looking to expand our business with more direct
sales at trade shows and she is inquiring about the IJO show in
Reno, Nevada. I have not heard of this show and I was wondering if
anyone had presented at one of these events. I’m more inclined to
put my money towards the JCK or Wendy Rosen type events.

Any advise or suggestions on the best shows to exhibit for an up and
coming collection (3 years in the industry). The line is mostly
high-end with an appeal to galleries and jewelry stores.

Thank you, Reba.

Hi Reba, I did the IJO shows for 2 1/2 years. They were not worth
the time and money invested, for me. I have found much better
results with the Rosen and JCK shows, especially as a designer with
a higher end line of work. You might want to talk to some of the
other designers that do IJO, because they may have other results.
Ask the IJO people for their names, or email me privately. Alexis