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[Experience] Pepe's customer service

Hi all - I just wanted to pass on a great experience and a helpful
tip. I have a Pepe Jump Ring Maker - purchased from Contenti 2 years
ago, along with their basic flex-shaft. I make a lot of chain, and I
LOVE my jump ring maker, but recently I started going through those
$12.50 blades like candy… (4 in one month!!) Frustrated, I called
Pepe for some advice. Mike Stromberg couldn’t have been nicer. He
suggested I swap out my bottom-of-the-line handpiece for a Foredom,
which has in fact taken care of the blade-gobbling, and gave me lots
of other ideas and advice. I was surprised by a package a few days
later, with new screws for the handpiece. He went out of his way to
solve my problem, even though the issue wasn’t actually with his
product. I really appreciated the service, and wanted to pass along
the kudos. If you’re thinking of a Jump Ring Maker (and honestly, it
has saved me SO much time and bloodied fingers), Pepe really stands
behind their product.

Thanks Pepe,

Susan (Sam) Kaffine

(no affiliation, just a satisfied customer and Pepe customer for

sam- Just wanted to agree with you. Pepe tools has been an excellent
supplier to me. I also have the jumpring maker and it is wonderful.
Best $150 I ever spent. It has saved me hours and made me $$. Thanks
Pepe Tools