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Experience & learning

hello Randall Brooks! and all in Orchid land! I too had a strange
experience some months ago. I was to teach a fairly large group of
setters in their shop in another country. So after traipsing all the
way to the West Coast, the middle mgr. who saw me decided that I knew
more than him, advised the upper mgmnt. that I was intimidating this
fellow. When the contact I was to see was out of town and I was
returned to Toronto on the next day! Experience is a good thing, but
at times it is plain that not everyone is happy with too much
knowledge! When you reach that level many of us CAN cause "waves"
just by having lots of knowledge! I work as a resident diamond setter
here in a “special-order” shop in this city. I must know everything in
regards to setting, and do it 100% or better! I do, and I charge what
I think is fair. This week, I made the owner smile with my work
projects and “saved his skin”. Here is where knowledge is a positive
note, not a negative force! I say to you all on Orchid, learn as much
as you can, you might cause a little wave, but you are to gain a lot
of recognition in the later days of your “learning curve”…just my
reply on knowlege! …gerry, the cyber-setter / teacher / writer