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Experiemce selling high end jewelry 1000 markets?


I have my own website, but I’m trying to increase visibility etc…so
I finally broke down and tried one of the online shop portals,

I see in the forums, at least for jewelry, some people take months to
get their first sales and many haven’t sold at all yet. I was
wondering if anyone would be willing to share their experiences with
this? Just trying to figure out what to expect.

I know etsy is better known for lower end items selling, rather than
more professional, higher end work, and I also looked at, but it looks like a lot of jewelry there is underpriced.

Also, I started using flickr. signed up for a ‘pro’ account…any
tips on how to get things seen there other than posting to group
pools? ( )



I’ve been on 1000 Markets for a while, but I still haven’t sold
anything. Still hoping. It still seems like it ought to be a good
venue. I dropped Artfire, but am still on Etsy, where I actually do
sell a few things. I guess I haven’t figured out the secret yet.