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Expereince with Pehnec gems

I placed an order for stones with Phenec gems and it was filled
promptly, and I received it just a few days after it was ordered. The
stones were carefully wrapped, and I was so pleased with them that I
placed a second order on Sept. 6, but have not as yet received it.

I phoned them several times,to find out when the stones would be
shipped, but only got an answering machine. I left two messages,
which have not been returned. I then sent them an email asking them
about the status of my order and when I could expect to receive it.
I have not had a reply from them.

Does anyone have any about them? I am really puzzled, as
the first order was shipped promptly. Not only have I not received
the second order, but am having a problem hearing from them.

Alma Rands

I have ordered from them once before. No complaints. prompt delivery
(albeit US Postal mail) and excellent quality, Even being 'overstock’
parcel. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Perhaps there is a high
demand… even so you should get a response.

Thom, I am really puzzled as their not replying to my phone calls or
emails They are a reputable company, and the stones they sent me on
my first order are excellent which is why I placed a second order. I
hope that every thing is all right with them, and that they are just
trying to deal with a high demand. I did log onto their blog, which
is filled with valuable about stones, but notice that the
last entry they posted was Aug. 31, and nothing was posted for


Good news about Pehnec. I just phoned them and learned that they were
on vacation. They had notified everyone, but somehow missed me. They
had already shipped the stones to me this morning, by air, so that I
would get it promptly. They are a wonderful company to do business
with. I highly recommend them. They have a wonderful assortment of
stones of excellent quality.


Dear Alma

So glad everything turned out OK. I met Ted Pehnec in Tucson years,
and I mean years ago, and stocked up on the most wonderful assortment
of CZ’s possible for the PMC that I was teaching. He discontinued
going to the Tucson show and I then ordered my things from him. Very
satisfied customer.

I get a monthly newsletter from him. Sorry I wasn’t quick enough to
tell you they were on vacation.

Rose Marie Christison

I doubt it’s a demand situation. Their Chinese cutting house has
HUGH capabilities. I’ve purchased from them many times over the
years, never had a problem, 2-3 day response from emails has been my
experience. I think there was a delay once with an order of very
large synthetic corundum, but it turned out just fine.

BTW, and this may be important for some…

For a long time, they advertised their synthetic corundum as being
flux grown. It’s not and never was, and that caused me a problem once
when I blindly (I should know better!) repeated their claim. That
statement has now been removed from their site, as all the corundum
is and has been flame fusion material. Some of the larger blue
material exhibits an odd patchiness I’ve not seen in flame fusion
material, but this is of little matter to most. I use their red and
blue as performs as it saves me an hour of work on large stones.

Wayne Emery

Rose Marie,

Glad you got a chance to meet Ted Pehnec. I am going to sign up for
his monthly newsletter. I found his blog, and it is filled with all
kinds of valuable

His lab created stones are wonderful. I originally ordered them for
practice in setting of faceted stones. However, they are so nice
that I plan to order more to be used in pieces that I intend to sell.
I have always shied away from synthetics, but the ones he has are so
nice, that I will give them a try. Hopefully there is a market for


I had the same experience placed two orders on September 13 and
September 16, I have been trying to contact them by leaving messages
on there answer machine and send various emails, but no response to
date. Today I noticed on my credit card statement that the orders
have been charged on September 21.

I will wait a few days more to give Pehnec gems a change to reply to
my messages by phone and email (or to deliver the goods) before I
inform the credit card company, I must say weird behaving from a
company towards there customers.

Peter Brasser


Pehnec was on vacation most of Sept… They had notified those who
get their monthly newsletter, but unfortunately I was not one who
gets it. I spoke to them on the phone when they returned, and they
told me they had just sent my order via airmail. Give them some time.
They are a reputable company, with many customers, and getting the
word out to all of them about their being on vacation did pose a
problem. Also, I imagine that as you are overseas, your delivery will
be a bit later as they are just catching up now


Hi Alma,

His lab created stones are wonderful. I originally ordered them
for practice in setting of faceted stones. However, they are so
nice that I plan to order more to be used in pieces that I intend
to sell. 

I routinely use his synthetic ruby as performs for precision
cutting. The angles used in the product as shipped are way off (much
too shallow), hiding lots of potential brilliance which is released
in the re-cutting. For large stones, buying and re-cutting the
existing shapes is a great time saver, and Ted’s AAAAA quality CZ
can’t be beat!.

Wayne Emery

Thanks Alma,

When I phoned today, I finely had the gentleman on the line.
According this gentleman I should have received a email last week,
what has not been the case.

re the email subscription, the page from Pehnec do not allow foreign
addresses, you can enter your country but the section 'which state’
allow only US States, there fore the page comes back with incorrect

It would not be a bad idea for Pehnec to announce holiday closure on
there web site also.

Lets hope that the quality of the stones makes up for it and this
was just a one off blip

Kind regards
peter brasser


So glad you were able to get in touch with Ted Pehnec. I think you
will be pleased with the stones you get. Mine are very very nice,
well cut and calibrated, so I am not running into unexpected
problems when setting them. Yes, it would have been helpful if he had
posted on his website the fact that they were going to be on

Best wishes, Alma