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Exhibitor's Insurance?

Hi Folks, In researching shows to do later in the year, I discovered
a couple shows in NY that would require me to carry “exhibitor’s
insurance.” I’ve never heard of this! Is this a show I should just
blow off? Is this a trend we’ll be seeing more of in the future? Do
those of you who do a lot of shows carry this insurance anyway, even
if it isn’t required? Where would one get exhibitor’s insurance if
one were so inclined?

Thanks in advance!

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Hi Dave,

I discovered a couple shows in NY that would require me to carry
"exhibitor's insurance." I've never heard of this! Where would one
get exhibitor's insurance if one were so inclined? 

Exhibitor’s insurance is basically show liability insurance. It
covers you in case, for instance, someone trips over a power cord in
your booth and decides to sue. It also covers the show’s promoter
provided you request “additional insured” coverage for that show.
It’s not a reason to avoid a show if you can afford it. Show
liability insurance ($1,000,000 worth, plus a few other coverages
which are part of the package whether you want them or not) costs me
$500 a year and, in my opinion, is worth it in today’s litigious
society, even if the promoter does not require it.

I purchased my coverage several years ago from a company that
specialized in that kind of “crafters policy” but they stopped
offering it a year or so ago. An insurance agency called
Lawson-Hawks (800-964-8121) picked it up but I’ve had no personal
contact with them; I just pay the bill when it comes. The
underwriter is Allstate but I don’t know if you can purchase such a
policy directly from them or not. Hope this helps.