[Exhibition] June Schwarcz Enamellist

June Schwarcz Enamellist - Transformed by Fire

During my recent trip to San Diego, we visited the Mingei Museum at
Balboa Park. The museum was exhibiting 90 pieces of June Schwarcz’s
electroformed and electroplated enamels. They were breath-taking. I
have included some links below.

I was glad I knew a little about enameling and electroforming - I
appreciated the exhibit that much more.

Her pieces are very organic and are described as “contemporary yet
timeless.” To me they were very meditative and I feel that the world
is a more complete place because of their existence.

A day after the museum visit, we toured the Birch Aquarium at
Scripps in La Jolla. I was struck by the similarity of parts of her
work to the corals and other sea life.

Coincidental or not, her exhibit ran concurrent with “A Fisch out of
Water - Sea Creatures of Arlene Fisch.” Pieces created by crochet
from color-coated copper wire. They too, were wonderful and very

Mingei Museum’s current exhibits (Arlene Fisch’s work is here also)

Birch Aquarium

More pictures of June Schwarcz’s work…

Regards Sandra
…in Snohomish where Spring is springing…