[Exhibition] Jewelry gallery in Boston's museum

First Ever in USA: Permanent Jewelry Gallery in Major Museum

Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts debuts the Kaplin Gallery devoted to


The article includes a small photo slide show from the first
exhibition and links to other stories, including a very nice piece
in the Wall Street Journal which voiced my own first thought - well,
second, after “woo-hoo!”: Maybe this will help boost the collective
cultural mentality beyond the too-often condescending question of
whether the genre is “Art” or (merely) “Craft”.

Ehh, whatever - this is just all kinds of gorgeous!

Wow, the photos of the Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts jewelry are
beautiful. I wish there were some notes about the pieces shown,
especially the emerald and diamond piece with the carved emerald.

Thanks for the link,
Noralie Katsu