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Exhaust Fans

It’s early in the morning in Dallas Texas, but I wanted to make sure
that I didnt forget to send this to everyone.

There have been several posts on exhaust fans lately.

I got a Farm Catalog in the mail from FarmTex, and was browsing
through it, and found some ‘on sale’ deals for greenhouse exhaust
fans that would work great in the jewelry shop.

The catalog has the fans on sale, the web site doesn’t, you might
have to ask for the better price.

For the fiberglass fans:

They have from 1,650 CFM for a 12" fan, 3,450 CFM for an 18" fan,
5,850 CFM for a 24" fan. The 18" fan in the catlaog is on sale at
$429, regular $599. The best part is that its all ready assembled,
just put it in the window and plug it in.

Browse around, they have some other exhaust fans in the catalog that
would also work.

Love and God Bless