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Excellent paper: Platinum Alloy

Hello, the author Jurgen J. Maerz has written an excellent article
about the Platinum Alloys.

Platinum Alloy Applications for Jewelry

He is right, when pointing out Germany. I want to add some
to him:

Law —

we don’t have a law about Platinum and its alloys in Germany.
That means you can produce any alloy you like and - if you want -
mark it. There is no must for hallmarking jewelry. So if i want
to, i can produce “Platinum 920” and mark it with “Pt 920”

Alloys —

one of the biggest refinery in Germany, the “Allgemeine”
(Umicore) placed two more alloys on the market in 2007: Platinum
750 and Platinum 585 They are mainly used at wedding ring

You can imagine that none of us here in Germany want a change. The
plans of the European Government for a uniform law are “laying on
ice” and the German goldsmiths don’t want to unfreeze them.

Kind regards,
Mario Sarto

Eleven years later I can complement, that the mentioned alloys Platinum 750 and 585 didn’t enforced at the German market. Instead of those a Platinum 600 alloy (beside the classic 950 alloy) won the race in the wedding ring market.

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