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Ever thought of an Orchid meet up?

Not in Tucson. That place in Jan. and Feb. is dangerous to me.

What would you think of a very nice place with cool temps located in
the mountains just short drives from 5 different National parks.

I have a bit of connections with the Utah Shakespeare Festival. I
can get big discounts on tickets. It is also an area that I once upon
a time was a Tour Guide for a tour company. I know the four corners
area like the back of my hand. The university there has large
conference rooms.

Other places like Europe could do a get together as well at the same

I’m sure we could set up video links between the places and have
some fun.

Just another crazy idea at 1:30 am


ps for the rock hound group, I can get you up to an area that has
great blue agates, prettier than the holly blue from Washington