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[Event] Professional Development Seminar


Happy New Year to the Orchid Community,

For all those who took the time to respond to my query on pricing
opinions and strategies I offer a heartfelt thanks. I say this on
behalf of the Professional Development Seminar Committee (myself,
Harriete Estel Berman and Don Friedlich).

This is a tough issue and it is interesting to note that many people
wonder if they have covered all the important bases. One fairly
consistent practice I found validating: No matter what formula or
system that people used, most passed the final pricing figure through
a “reality filter”-- a viewing of the price determined in the context
of the wholesale, and by extension, retail environment. Whether the
price can exist in reality. (Whatever your specific situational
reality is: your “marketplace”.)

The PDS will take place this year in Houston on March 12 from 9am
til noon. Please visit the SNAG site at

Sorry for the late reply but, as always, your help is greatly valued
and appreciated.

Take care,
Andy Cooperman