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[Event] Nova Scotia Gem & Mineral Show

Hi Everyone,

Let me take a moment to give you all a heads-up about the Nova
Scotia Mineral and Gem Show coming up Friday Saturday and Sunday
August 20-21-22nd at the Lions Arena in Parrsboro Nova Scotia. With
30-some exhibitors a smallish show by Tucson standards, it is,
though, considered to be the number two show in Canada, (Bancroft
Ontario being number one); and in respect of sheer fun, its wide
repertoire of field trips, gemcutting, jewellery-making and mineral
demonstrations, and its overall pleasant atmosphere, the Nova Scotia
show by common consensus counts as Canada’s number one.

Moreover, in the aspect of enjoyment and atmosphere, there’s an
adjunct, closely, albeit not officially, linked with the show, and
that is the Saturday evening Gemcutters Ball, a night of big band
swing music with the 13-piece “Elastic Big Band” in a 125 year old
restored church. You wouldn’t expect it in such a small village but
this band is of such breathtaking international calibre you feel as
if you’ve been magically transported 1930’s vintage New York. In fact
I’d say the music alone is worth the trip to Parrsboro. And - to my
film industry friends in Los Angeles - you may take that as a flea in
your affluent ears. Details heRe:

  • and more soon also on my facebook page.

Cheers all,
Hans Durstling