[Even more] [Tools] Ultrasonic


Does anyone know if an ultrasionic unit might be cobbled
together from one of those ultrasonic steamers available to help
with breathing and colds, etc.? They are readily available here
in the thrift stores.

Roy (Jess)

Roy, Roy, Roy:

PLEASE, save your pennies & buy yourself a small ultrasonic. I
have a 2qt. model w/heater from Guesswein that costs about 250.00
and is worth every penny & then some. With a little reaseach,
you can find one cheaper w/o a heater and it would still be 100
times better. Don’t waste your time cobbleing together assorted
bits only to get an unreliable, & weak machine at best. If you
need adresses & ph. #'s of sources, e-mail me a reply.