Evaluating laser purchase

I am really tempted to get the new Studio laser from Neutec.
Affordable and fits my space easily. It will have to be financed
(unless Christmas is better than expected). I’d be interested in
anyone’s experience in making an equipment financing presentation to
their banker. I’d prefer to finance through my bank rather than a
leasing company because I want to build a relationship for when I’m
ready for larger financing services.

Is there any industry literature regarding increased productivity
(facts and figures) that I can cite? Does the bank care about
productivity or do they just look at financial data alone?

What kind of pricing structure do laser shops use? I’m retail but I
could do some trade work. My inclination is to charge more, I think
this market not only can handle it but actually appreciate the higher
quality. No one else locally has a laser, to my knowledge, at least
they’re not marketing it openly. Any experience with this aspect?

Generally speaking, are people satisfied with Neutec lasers?

Any and all input is greatly appreciated

In general Banks are interested in your ability to repay their loan,
and will require a financial statement, several years of tax
returns, and probably a filing using your inventory and receivables
as collateral. It helps to have your primary business checking
account with them, as well. Meet with a commercial loan officer and
develop a business relationship, their job is to negotiate loans with
qualifying applicants.

A business plan- how the new asset will improve your ability to make
money- is usually a good idea. I have had better luck with the local
offices of National Banks than with more locally owned banks, and
would never want to enter a leasing situation if I could avoid it,

My brother started working with a B&D laser welder a couple of
months ago, and loves it. I keep sending him projects…

Rick Hamilton

We went with LaserStar and the finance company they use. Since we’re
leasing with an option to buy, the payment is a write-off every year,
as opposed to buying and taking the depreciation. That way, it almost
pays for itself. The laser welder is almost too much fun, IMHO.

James S. Duncan, G.G.
James in SoFL