Eutectic solder for enamel

Quick question here, if I missed an original thread, pease point me
to it…How is it that eutectic alloy can be used on fine silver for
enamelling, with its melting point being so depressed? Can I make
this solder simply by making a billet of eutectic alloy? What have I
missed here? What happened to needing IT Solder for enamel
construction? Okay, that was not quick, forgive me.


I agree, IT is the only solder that works for enamelling. I am
certainly not willing to take the risk of using anything else,
putting the hours in and having my piece either: a: fall apart or
b: ruin my enamel.

Ventura, CA

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Please note that there is a solder that is called Eutectic. B) It
can be enameled over. It is specifically made for enameling. It is
used in Plique a jour or on any form, such as a pod to secure the
seams. The eutectic is made specifically for this purpose and to be
enameled over. The thing that you have to realize is that it will
show as light color copper on silver and sort of a silver color on
the copper. If you are not using opaque enamels, then just file off
the area of color that you do not like and continue from there. A)
The seams will stay intact as the enamel melts at a lower
temperature than the Eutectic solder. Beth Katz
Paste and Powder Solder for Jewelers and Metalsmiths