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European Plat. Laws

Dear orchidians. While dealing with a very particular customer this
week a question was raised that I could not honestly answer. She is
under the impression that 10% iridium platinum must not be as good
as the 950 platinum because the europeans don’t allow this alloy to
be stamped ( Plat. ). I explained to her that it is my opinion that
10%irid. plat. is superior to 95% plat. 5% cobalt alloy and that the
.950 ruthenium or iridium are not as suited for fabrication as is
the 10% irid. platinum. Well, my opinion didn’t carry the weight of
the european law. She left doubting my ability to give her the best
possible product for her budget.

My question is, why isn’t 10% Irid platinum considered platinum when
it has been the standard for so many years. I hope this wonderful
alloy is not viewed by european crafts people as being the
equivalence of 10k gold.

John ShollDr. E. Hanuman Aspler
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