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European Enameling Suppliers

Hi all,

I am in the process of communicating with an enamelist in Austria.
Their enamel supplier has closed it’s doors. They are looking for a
supplier in Europe that carries Japanese Enamels. If anyone has
on a supplier it would be sincerely appreciated.

Thank you.

Linda Crawford
Linda Crawford Designs
Willits, CA

"Their enamel supplier has closed it’s doors.’ Oh no! Are you taking
about Schauer Enamels? They have such beautiful colors! I know of two
great suppliers of both Schauer and Japanese Ninomiya enamels,
Enamelworks in Seattle (800-596-3257) and Enamel Emporium in Houston
(713-558-1634) Maybe your friend should call up Karl Fischer in
Pforzheim, Germany (07231/ 31 0 31) They sell enamel and may know of
a place that sells the Japanese brands. -Juliet Gamarci