European Contemporary Jewellery Books

Hallo Martin Niemeijer Good to see a fellow countryman on Orchid! A
question for you and anyone else who may be able to help. I am a
great fan of German and Dutch contemporary jewellers and would love
to get some names of the web sites of specialist art bookstores who
might have such books. As they are not always in English, Amazon and
others of course do not have any listings. I would appreciate any
info. Thanks, Christel (now in West Oz)

Charon Kranson in NYC has an excellent selection of these books and
actalogs. His email address is: Enjoy, Jan

Hello Christel, perhaps you should try special german book search

Mit freundlichen Grueben
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Hi there, this is my first public appaerance on the Orchid. I life in
the Netherlands in Amsterdam. I recommand you the site of GZ-journal
as well as there magazine (German). You can ask first for a free
testnumber, to see it yourself. I also recommand Galarie RA in
Amsterdam. They are not (yet?) on the internet. But it’s worthwile
visiting Amsterdam for (Amsterdam is GREAT!). They have an extensive
collection books on modern jewelry.

Marlein Bong

Ha die Cristel, At last a fellow country girl. I’m also a fan of
modern Dutch and German jewelry, but don’t forget the Danish and
Finnish designers. However it is very difficult to find books about
these modern jewelry. The better books are often to find in Dutch
musea shops; they are about several exhibitions. I can give you some
titles if you like. An other place, with a lot of rare books is It stays difficult, Holland and
Germany are not so good organized on the internet, we have to wait a
few years.