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[Europe Source] German red pitch


I use tar-based blackpitch for years and I’ve never been over
enthousiastic about it. I read a lot about red german pitch, here on
Ganoksin, and other websites.

It sounds really good and “environement freindly”. The problem is : I
just can’t find it over here. I tried french and british suppliers.

As it is called “german” I assumed it made over here in Europe and
I’d like to avoid ordereing it from an US supplier. If anyone could


Juliette Arda
Aix en Provence, France

Hi Julliette,

The north American red pitch comes from Fischer gmbh in Pforzheim.


Hello Juliette,

I’m sure there are other Euro sources but I believe that Karl
Fischer in Pforzheim Germany is one such supplier. Their URL is though the site is limited to a
representation of the amazing variety of goods that appear in their
extensive tools catalog, which they’ll send you (free?) if you fill
out the form on the site (at least that’s the way it was a couple
years ago).

I’ve ordered from them several times and always been both happy and
impressed. Their Customer Service is somewhat spartan but efficient
and effective.

Trevor F.
in The City of Light
Visit at

PS. I forgot to mention that in my Fischer catalog, now a couple
years old, the catalog number for the red pitch is Bestell-Nr. 5368.
FYI, their black pitch is softer, catalog number Bestell-Nr. 5369.

I see that these catalog numbers still work on the site (search with
"article-number") and they list the price as 14.80 Euros for a 2 kg

Trevor F.
in The City of Light
Visit at