Europe Jewelry Schools


I’m looking for jewellery schools in Europe. Do you have
recommendations for specific schools? At present, I have found
significant about 2 schools in Florence: Perseo and Le
Arti Orafi. However, I would really appreciate first-hand feedback.

Many thanks,

Hello Pamela,

I live in France and recommend in Switzerland. You
can also rent benchtime in their studio. They speak English and
provide a very hands on presentation of a variety of aspects in
jewelry making and stone cutting. I guess ultimately it depends on
how much money you have to invest and what you want to focus on.

Good Luck!
Beth Thomspon

Hi Pam,

I studied at “Vakschool Schoonhoven” in The Netherlands. They have a
department in Amsterdam now aswell. There they give courses and
daytime schooling.