orchid members,

I have a customer that is becoming engaged to a girl in a
neighboring state. The girl has found the ring that she wants
and has described it in detail. I have searched my existing
catalogs and cannot find this ring. They said that they saw the
ring in more than one store andso this ring must be stock. What
is the etiquette for finding this rings manufactor? Thank you for
any help

TAmmie Simpson

Have the bride to be to stop in the specific store and ask for
their business card with the specific company and style# along
with her finger size marked on the back so that she can present
it to her boyfriend. Most salespeople would be very happy to do

Judy Shaw

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There are SO many manufacturers out there that it would be the
proverbial “needle in a haystack” to find it by looking thru
catalogs. They must bring you at least the manufacturer’s name
and preferably the model number as well. Entice them do do so by
offering your best price.

Good luck;