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Re: consignment thread…I was absolutely horrified at Tony’s
solution to consignment problems. I hope it was just a momentary
lapse. The suggestion that you start out your relationship with a
lie is just so wrong for any number of reasons! If you need to go to
court /arbitration , as soon as your lie is revealed, you’ve lost
Anyone and everyone who learns of your untruthful position will
never trust you again…you’ve lost. You can never honestly use
ethics/morality as an argument/defense on your own behalf with a
straight face…you’ve lost. You will always have the fear that you
will be found out and your peace of mind is lost. If you believe in
karma …this will come back and bite you on the ass! Better
solution? Tell your customers what you require in your business
relationship with them (the rules) and have them acknowledge it in
writing. Tell them exactly what liability they are contractually
accepting when they enter into a business relationship with you and
have them sign it. Clarity is a boon to both parties…it is the
only way to prevent misunderstandings and to avoid acrimony in the
first place. If they don’t want to sign it, then it’s your choice to
accept a business relationship on their terms or not. Then you have
something to rely on if there is a problem. Pretty embarrasing, to
say the least, if they ask to communicate with your fictional
insurer. We should all make the choice for integrity, even when it
seems a small issue and even when it’s not to our advantage if we
want to be treated with respect ourselves.
Marianne Hunter