Etching on onyx

Hello fellow Orchids!!! I have a customer who wants their initial
(G) etched in black onyx with a cross behind it for a mens
ring.Is their anybody who does this type engraving and/or
lasering.I would appreciate the info. Have a great

Cecena’s Jewelry
Antonio Cecena

Dear Cecena, Inlay into stone is quite a process. If you have
seen any class rings with letters or symbols this is the type
process you are describing. At the top level of production an
untrasonic cutting machine is used. The design, gold or a steel
pattern, is mounted into the machine and vibrated right into the
stone. This process has certain trade secrets involved. This is
similare to EDM work (Electric Discharge Machine) with tool
steel. To do something like this yourself is possible, but time
consuming. My collegue and Gemology instructor, Donna Jiran has
done this with a drill press, mounted stone and silicone carbide
rock tumbling grit ( 60 or 80 grit). With the stone secured to a
base with dopping wax, Mount your pattern onto a wire that will
tighten like a drill bit into the drill press. Now drip the
silicone carbide liquid as you bring the pattern on and off your
stone with the drill press. Do that forever or untill you have
reached the depth you want. There is a guy in NY that used to do
this. I’ll see if I can find his name.

All the best,
TR the teacher

Hello Tony,

I have a catalogue somewhere from a company in California that
claims to laser engrave black onyx. It isn’t real engraving and
resembles a sand blast or etch. I seem to remember they have a
minimum quantity which wouldn’t be much help, if I can find it
I’ll let you know. I have a microetcher sandblaster unit which
can make simple designs…ok I can only cut simple stencils. If
you have access to a sandblaster it may provide your answer. You
can get a layered effect by using multiple stencils. At least
black onyx is cheap enough to try a few.

If you need the real thing there is a guy upstairs that hand
engraves coats of arms, monograms and animal heads etc., into any
stone you want. A Black and white sard with the monogram cut
through the black into the white would be very striking. Yup,
it’s not cheap, he charges from around $200 or so, also he’s
really busy so it might not be too quick. I also have the
address of a engraver in Germany if you are interested, he’s not
cheap either.

Good luck!
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Raytheon used to make a high grade machine tool that used
diamond or other small uniform abrasives in suspension and a
vibrating pattern to cut blind 3-D shapes in hard not conductors.
(Conducting materials can be machined by electrical discharge).
There are some Japanese ultrasonic drills that will do this kind
of thing for less money. I remember Rio advertising this stuff a
few years back. j