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Erich C. Shoemaker - Jewelry Gallery


Hi Erich.
Great job, everything helps. It seems that no matter what the skill set, there is something to learn, in your case, so much to share and teach.
You’re a great artist,
Thank you for sharing this,


Granulated hinged bail. Not much of a video, but I had a customer that was curious about some of my bails and how they worked so I quickly put this video together. It’s pretty sparse, but it will at least give a general idea.


Great Job Eric,
Thanks for taking the time to do this…more…


Okay, one last piece for a while. This piece, a Huguenot Cross pendant, was a case of not having fully thought through the design and fabrication process when I quoted it out. I had originally thought of a moderately simple and quick way to make this. However, once I got started, I realized I’d overlooked a particular aspect of the design (don’t know how I missed it honestly) and had to approach it a different way. Unfortunately, that “different way” meant a much higher degree of precision that would be required and a lot of extra monkeying around with parts. Long story short, I significantly underbid this project. D’oh!


Thanks is the Gallery all one piece? did you just pierce it an put it in a swage bock? Also how did you come up with this design. Is there any step-by step instructions i can follow?

Many thanks


The gallery was made in two pieces that were fused together (the sides and the bottom). It was then covered in China white and I hand drew a design on it using basic scrollwork concepts. From there, it was just a matter of piercing it by hand against a bench pin. As for the design, I can’t really say how I came up with it. . . It just kind of materialized in my head. Unfortunately, since this is my own custom design, I don’t offer step-by-step instructions on it as I don’t want someone directly copying my designs. :wink: I hope you understand.


Erich, what type of torch and which gas?


I use a blowpipe with propane for most of my work


Now that’s old school… Please don’t tell me you make your own propane…


Ain’t no school like old school :wink:


David Phelps, methane?


I haven’t posted much in a while as I kind of took the summer and fall off of doing jewelry work. I dunno. I really enjoy the work, but I completely and utterly hate the selling part and just needed a break from it.

Nonetheless, here’s a granulated 18K diamond and ruby pendant I whipped up a little bit ago. The pictures don’t do it justice, but that ruby really has some “dazzle” to it.


Very beautiful, Erich. Is that chain Viking weave?

  • Lorraine

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Hi Lorraine!

Thank you very much!

The chain I made in this one was a crochet chain. . .at least that’s what it was called when I learned it. I realize that it is technically not crochet, but that’s the name I as given when I learned the technique years ago. Evidently, goldsmiths and tailors have different terminology to describe either the process or the appearance of their products :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Incidentally, I’m not sure if this is the same as a Viking weave or not. I don’t think it is as everything I found shows the Viking weave being done on a dowel whereas this one is done all freehand, but I’m no expert on that kind of stuff.


Very nice.


Spending some time this week photographing and all that jazz so I thought, “Why not throw some more pics in here?”

Here’s a set of earrings in granulated 18K Treasure Gold set with diamonds and chrysoprase drops. I love how chrysoprase almost looks like it glows in the right light. . . perhaps not as strong of an effect, but very similar to jade.


Is Treasure Gold descriptive of where the metal came from or just the finish on the metal?


Treasure Gold is the name I gave for the alloy I use. It’s an 18K alloy, but I sourced the copper and silver for it from the Nuestra Señora de Atocha (a treasure galleon that sank off Key West, FL in 1622). Since my work is inspired by shipwrecks and ocean-life, this way my pieces are imbued with actual sunken treasure.


Something I made for my wife this year for Christmas. A 12mm South Sea’s pearl drop suspended from 18KY & 18KW with granulation and set with 8 Paraiba tourmalines.


Hi Erich,
Really great pieces, thank you for adding to the gallery. I really like the combination of texture and symmetry. There is an elegance in your work that is captivating. It really has a vintage flavor but so much more refined.