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Ergonomic file handle for RSI sufferers


I recently found a new ergonomic tool that really surprised me. It’s
a file handle from Gesswein. What’s the big deal about file handles?
The handle has the tang of the file coming out of it’s side at an
angle that is correct for the user’s arm. It’s made of aluminum
tubing with a non-slip rubber grip with a slightly bulging center
section. It’s specifically designed to incorporate the natural wrist
angle of approximately 35 degrees, the handle is constructed so that
the tool’s axis is better aligned with the forearm. Now, I’ve been
doing bench work for 30 years and was amazed at how quickly this new
file felt so natural. It corrected the unnatural wrist position that
I’ve become accustomed to. Now, I will admit it does look a little
funny. My assistant and I joked about how it looked like a wicked
device to eviscerate an enemy. Filing inside of rings will never be
the same for me.

It’s made by Walton Company that has made tools in the USA since
1908. It has a quality feel to it with holes running the length of
the tubing and tapped for a large screw to hold the file tang from
each side. The Gesswein catalog number is #170-3000 and the price
is $13.65. What a bargain. Who knows, maybe Elaine Corwin could
give Orchid members an even better price. Regardless, it’s money well

The usual disclaimer applies here, no affiliation with Gesswein or
Walton, just a guy that found a cool tool. Even if you don’t suffer
from RSI ( tendonitis, carpal tunnel, etc…) use of this tool may
help prevent RSI from developing.

Have a good day.
James S. Cantrell CMBJ

Thanks James

sounds interesting , i shall look into those, but before i do i
thought i would share a solution to the same problem, having been a
past sufferer. Some time ago a woody friend in Australia showed me
an ingenious idea for a file handle. He had recently acquired a
substantial number of pipe bowls from a deceased estate of a pipe
maker and found many uses for them including a handle for his files,
they give good grip and with the bowl facing down keep the the wrist
and hand in alignment. They also are a great conversation piece.

Happy filing