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Equipment Maintenance and Repair


Dear fellow Orchidites,

Everyone runs into questions about equipment maintenance and repairs
from time to time but there is often no one around to help answer the

From the nature of our equipment repair business we have learned a
lot about repairing jewelers’ equipment and we can nearly always help
with equipment questions.

Please feel free to post questions about any piece of equipment a
jeweler uses. Regards,

John Cranor, The Jewelry Equipment Dr


John, I’m glad to see this post. I often run across used ultrasonics,
and I have a few sitting around in the basement of my shop. Many of
these seem to lack power. I understand that the heart of this beast
is the transducer, but I have received conflicting as to
whether this part can be replaced, or if this is even the cause of
the power loss. I’ve been told that the cost of repair would be
prohibitive, so it’s better to purchase a new unit. Usually, it’s a
smiling tool salesman giving me this advise. Anyone who has been
working in this trade for 10 years or more seems to accumulate a
collection to tired equipment. I would love to see a discussion on
how to maintain and repair these old friends.

Doug Zaruba


If you want to sell me those broken ultrasonics I’ll be glad to take
them off your hands. Let me know what you have and an approximate
condition and we can decide on a equitable price for them. PS I will
pay the shipping also.

Mike Fritz
Lone Star Technical Service
The ultrasonic repair guy.

PS in most cases repairs for a 3 qt. unit will run under $100.00, but
of course we will always give you an estimate regardless of the


Hello all!

Just a note on th SCT-1 foot pedal. It is the metal one that most of
us have stepped up and bought over the last fifteen years. Anyway at
work the other day my pedal quit. Motor brushes were fine. Pulled
apart the pedal ( two drift pins, not to hard really) and here is
this little switch in the middle of the pedal; and nothing else! Not
even one inch square. I pushed and prodded and opened the cover of
the switch and of course found a damaged connection. A call to our
local jewelry suppliers produced no help other than “We have new
pedals in stock”. Wait a minute this is the bosses’ money I am
spending here!

Dan says “Why don’t you call Foredom”? Why didn’t I think of that?
They have the switch at $18.95. We bought extra brush sets (flex
motor) for each of us their shaft lube and motor oil; to the tune of
forty dollars and change, including shipping. I have rebuilt my share
of carbon pack foot pedals etc. This pedal is quite simple to put
back into service comparatively. Thought you all should know.



Hi Doug,

The transducer is the heart of your ultrasonic. There may be 1, 2, 4
or more depending on the size of the tank. They certainly can be
replaced – but you should have a professional repair person or the
manufacturer do the repair. My understanding is that they should
be replaced in pairs, and that a special adhesive is used to hold
them on.

You can send your ultrasonic in for repair to the supplier you bought
it from… or call the manufacturer and ask them where to send it for
repair. Ask for an estimate before the repair is done. But be aware
that even if you decide not to get the repair done there is sometimes
an inspection fee and of course, you will be charged for shipping.

Maintaining the ultrasonic simply means not leaving the heater on
overnite, not using harsh chemicals in it, not letting the water
evaporate more than 1" to and 1-1/2" below full. Also dont devest it
in - as the investment causes problems when allowed to accumulate on
the floor of the tank. In fact, don’t allow jewelry items or dirt
or investment or metal particles to sit on the floor of the tank.
The transducers have to work awfully hard to cavitate through that
solid. Also the vibration of that solid material on the tank floor
wears out the tank and can even put pits in it over time.

Hope that helps.

Best Regards,

Elaine Corwin
Tel: 1-800-544-2043, ext 287
Fax: 203-335-0300


Doug, My experience shows that many “dead” or weak ultrasonic cleaners
are worth fixing. If the ultrasonic is completely dead–very often
the problem is in the electronics. If the ultrasonic is weak, the
trouble is often the transducer. There are however some electronic
failures which cause weak action.

We troubleshoot the electronics instead of replacing the entire
circuit board which makes the repair quite affordable.

The transducer can be removed from the tank and a new one put on, but
the special epoxy is not sold in small quantities and the transducer
assembly is made as a custom part for each manufacturer.

I find it more practical to replace the tank and the transducer as an
assembly. It is an expensive repair, but it is usually a lot cheaper
than a new ultrasonic cleaner.

Please note that most ultrasonic repairs are simply electronic
circuit repairs . We provide economical repairs on ultrasonics and
all types of equipment jewelers use. I am always willing to consider
taking old – worn out equipment in on trade for repair work. FREE
estimates on all equipment sent to me for repair. I hope this has
helped; let me know if there are any other questions I can help with.
Regards, John Cranor, The Jewelry Equipment DR