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Epoxy (or similar) to coat slab with

Greetings, all. I’m making some going-away presents for people at my current job, and for one guy, I have a nice piece of picture jasper (looks like sand dunes under a blue sky). I wanted to make it all nice and shiny, but apparently it’s too big to work with a carbide belt machine, and not flat enough to flat lap (and also I don’t have the time to flat lap it).

My understanding is that there is some kind of epoxy or sealant or something that will make it look somewhat polished. Are there any suggestions from you all?

See if you have a local rock club where you might find someone to do a proper job of polishing it. You can also go to the Resin Obsession ( sight and you will find all kinds of ways to use various resins to do what you want to do. Good luck…Rob

I think that the acrylic coating used for decoupage might be a good choice.


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